Coming Soon - A Growing Trade Community

Like many of other businesses here in the US, we were forced to look at our business with a new sense of reality based on the "new norm" due to COVID-19. This has pushed Trade Aids to look at how we can accomplish things in this new norm that we were able to do easily before COVID. Which mean we really need to push our web site to the limit. Not only do it need to be extremely fast and easy to navigate but it need to support video at every corner and use any and every aspect of cutting edge social networking technology.

Staying current will be the key to success. Continuing education is more important than ever. Soon you will be able to watch our calendar for training days coming to your town, get involved in tech talk in the Forum, become a contributor to your trades blog section or suggest that we follow a strong blog that you are already following. This site is not our business, its our passion. We are trade professionals with careers who feel a need to fill a missing link. A need to contribute and make the whole better.

So, stay tuned and come back and check us out at the start of 2021. We promise it will be exciting and worth the wait!!