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We invite you to explore all of our blog categories, regardless of chosen career trade. As an industry, the need for hands on, skilled labor is rapidly growing. Keeping yourself informed can give you an edge in terms of forwarding both your education and your career.

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  • Tips on facilitating advancement from a Journeyman to Master

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Helping Trade Professionals Stay Informed


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Schools need industry help and industry can benefit greatly from building a closer relationship with the source of the next generation. We are working hard to bond the educational side of our community more closely to the operations side. Wholesalers, schools, manufacturers, contractors, software companies, students, teachers and others, all working towards better trained graduates.

Easy to Find Information

We are progressively becoming the place to go for all information relative to education in the trades. As well, we are always interested in receiving news feeds from visitors who would like to contribute. If you have educational news that you feel is of industry interest, please share with us via ‘contact us’ or the ‘Forum’ or a Blog. We will do our best to find the best platform for delivery.

Great Support

We are about education. Through schools and continuing education opportunities. Let us broker your relationships. Whether you are industry needing to connect to educational facilities or get the word out about your training programs, or maybe you’re a school in need of help from industry, let us know how we can assist.