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  1. If you’re a registered member, please login to Post items available. If you are not yet a registered member click here to register
  2. Tell your customers that when you have specials (or scratch and dents) that they can find them on this site
  3. Please let us know if you need mailers of this notice to go out with your monthly invoices.
Thank you! We sincerely appreciate your consideration of supporting our website and mission through the posting of your special priced items on our site for only $2.00 per day

  1. The fee for this service is just $2.00 per day to wholesalers and contractor supply houses.
  2. Use it as often as you have specials, scratch and dents or other items of interest for your customer base.
  3. Inform your customers that your daily, weekly and monthly specials will be posted on this site.
  4. Wholesalers and general Supply Houses are invited to list any items (e.g. equipment, parts, consumables, tools) offered at reduced prices for any period of time.

On the Daily Specials platform:

  • Members must first register and then log in before posting items on special.
  • By providing primary and secondary descriptions of the item, this will allow members from other trades to find items that they may need.
  • Uploading images is highly recommended, as the visual impact of item quality can streamline the search process for others. This also allows for a more complete representation of the goods on sale.
  • When posting merchandise on the Daily Specials, it is also important to manage the length of time the listing is published, especially if it is a limited item.
  • Auto renewal of posts is also an option, and can be well suited to wholesalers who are listing items with a larger stock.

We invite all members to explore both posting and perusing listings on these pages, as this can facilitate a cost effective way of staying on top of the best pricing in your region.

The Daily Specials page is the marketplace for initiating contact between parties. It is important to remember that transactions and the actual transfer of goods is handled between the posting and viewing members.

Only $2 Per Day!

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First 5 Days Are Free!