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There mainly 2 different ways you can find an event here on Trade Aids.

  1. You can just browse through the listing on this page until you find something that interests you.
  2. You can look through the events for your trade by clicking on the Local Training menu and finding your trade in the list.

A couple of browsing tips

  • You can use the Search box to help you find ANY event in this listing. You can put in a trade name or a particular presenter you like. After pressing GO, you will be presented with a list that includes just what you typed into the box. You can even search by Price! Go ahead, give it a try. If the list is too long, it will help you narrow your results.
  • Lastly, clicking on the event name or title will take you to the details for that particular event.

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Training Event Listing

Below are list of events which are open for registering at this time. You can view more information about this event by clicking on title of the event.

Event Name Trade Topic Hours Days Individual Price Contact Name Host/Presenter Area Code of Event
Plumbing with steel Plumbing steel 8 1 $0.00 Joe Me 333
Overcurrent protection load calculation Electrical Overcurrent Load Calc 16 2 $255.00 Sandy Electric Supply United 333
SMAW Welding Stick Welding for everything 8 1 $85.00 Nathan Wholesale Gas Co 333
Tessla HVAC Car of the Year 8 3 $0.00 Erwin Ervin 910
Electrical relative to Facilities Maintenance Electrical Preventative Electrical in Mfg 12 2 $350.00 Charles Marshall Facilities Training Corp 444

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