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Below are list of events which are open for registering at this time. You can view more information about this event by clicking on title of the event.

Event Name Trade Topic Hours Days Individual Price Contact Name Host/Presenter Area Code of Event
Tessla HVAC Car of the Year 8 3 $0.00 Erwin Ervin 910
Transmission Sense Automotive The ABC's of all the pieces 16 2 $365.00 Andy Allison 444
Super Charger Automotive How to tune a Turbocharger 4 1 $65.00 Andy Its Only Air Inc 333
Keeping up with new car electronics Automotive Understanding the digital age 8 1 $110.00 Andy National Auto Center 444
Boom Base Time Automotive Bose Speakers vs JBL 4 1 $35.00 Ervin Gilchrist DJ Spins 910