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  2. Delivery / shipping arrangements are to be coordinated between the parties exchanging materials. Trade Aides can neither store materials nor absorb shipping / delivery costs.
  3. Please don’t wait for a posting of need. Please post materials (parts, pieces, equip, cutaways, consumables, etc) as you have the material available. You never know the needs of schools. Post anything you might consider throwing away.
  4. Keep in mind that some schools are for profit and will not be able to offer you a tax deduction opportunity for your donation.
  5. If you will only consider donation for tax deduction opportunities, make that clear in your post.

Industry Donations

Regardless of whether individuals are looking for supplies to help them finish their apprenticeship, or whether future trades people are considering the resources that they may need to become an independent contractor or business owner, we understand that the investment to get started can seem challenging at times. Trades are by definition both skill and tool oriented, so the combination of experience and supplies can greatly facilitate progress in the profession. The industry donation section of our website is specifically focused on helping new trades people get started in their profession by facilitating a virtual marketplace for industry related tools and equipment. This makes the donation pages a highly interactive experience that also results in better support for new technicians and a way for established companies to give back and help sustain the furtherance of trade professions. In order to list donations in this area, members will first need to register and log in to gain access to the system. The Donations Listing board will act as the communication channel between interested parties, but individuals or businesses who are posting these donations will need to retain the items until they are claimed and will also be responsible for shipping and ensuring that the receiving party attains their items. Please be sure to include accurate contact information and any restrictions on transfer, as this can help schools and students to better find the resources they need to obtain.