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  2. Delivery / shipping arrangements are to be coordinated between the parties exchanging materials. Trade Aides can neither store materials nor absorb shipping / delivery costs.
  3. Please don’t wait for a posting of need. Please post materials (parts, pieces, equip, cutaways, consumables, etc) as you have the material available. You never know the needs of schools. Post anything you might consider throwing away.
  4. Keep in mind that some schools are for profit and will not be able to offer you a tax deduction opportunity for your donation.
  5. If you will only consider donation for tax deduction opportunities, make that clear in your post.

School Donations

Schools who are looking for donations have the option of posting a request for specific materials and items, but educators can also regularly check the postings, as new listings do arrive every day. Further, for either request or donation offerings, facilities are also invited to share details about the facility, the course protocols, and the standard curriculum that they offer, since this can also allow for educators to connect based on similar lesson plans. This can result in direct collaboration and even sharing of resources, especially if one facility is in the process of upgrading the course materials. Interactions on these boards are a means of getting industry schools in communication with one another, but the actual exchange of the materials will be overseen by the facilities themselves. This includes follow up communications, shipping and transference of materials, as well as storage before the resources are claimed. Members will also need to log in before having full access to the Donations Listing pages, so it is important that institutions register in order to gain the full benefit of the exchange. The search tools on the Donations Listing page will also let educators and students easily find the items they are looking for, based on industry, specific item demands, and even proximity for obtaining the donation. The outcome is that trade education is not only supported, but can also rely upon standardized resources for stronger education that can benefit all interested students and schools.

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