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The Trade Aids Forum is an open discussion board where members and users are able to converse with one another, pose questions, generate professional relationships, and even asks general questions regarding work and protocols for specific trades.

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While some discussion threads may be open to the entire public for viewing, users may need to register with membership status in order to post on certain threads. It will take only a few moments to register.

As with any forum Trade Aids invites an open discussion of topics and a sharing of information and ideas, but also asks that member stay conscientious about proper netiquette. It is appropriate to engage in debates with other members, but we ask that you also remain respectful and appropriate in the language that is used. Forum administrators and moderators will oversee discussion threads, and will alert members if there is an issue with either subject matter or presentation. This is a practice for all posts, and should not be taken as a sign of concern. This can help you to grow your professional circle and also become active in possible leadership roles and advocacy for industry standards and fairness.

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